Pricing Policy

Why do all prices appear in US Dollars?

Computerease is a Federally Incorporated Canadian company that conducts International business in over 30 different countries. Because of this we found it necessary to base all pricing on a common monetary standard.

Most of our clients are in the United States or deal with US Dollars so it makes sense to publish our prices in US Dollars.

With a floating exchange rate the actual conversion to Canadian Dollars can vary from day to day and publishing Canadian prices would never be accurate or fair to Canadian customers.

To create a level playing field for all clients we publish all prices in US Dollars and convert this to Canadian at the time of purchase. This makes it fair and consistent for all clients.

Our Annual Subscription fee of $150.00 is also in US Dollars. This is converted to Canadian on the day of purchase or renewal. This applies even for Canadian customers, making it the same rate for all clients.

We make every effort to communicate our pricing policies at all stages of the purchase process and trust that these polices are understood by all our loyal customers.