Client Testimonials

Some client feedback on our Ease-E-Club Software and Support...

Our fitness center has been using Computerease software for the last three years to manage membership and usage. We have had a great experience with the software, as well as the professionals behind the scenes. The transition from our former member management software to Computerease was smooth and the software is easy to learn. The technician support has been extremely responsive, friendly, and willing to go above and beyond to make sure that our needs, as the customer, are met. I would highly recommend this product and services.

Jacquelyn Lofaro, M.S.; Program Manager; GAO Wellness and Fitness Center; Washington DC

Computerease was a life saver when we were looking for software to keep track of our community pool memberships. They were affordable for us as a municipality on a budget. It was easy to customize the program to fit our needs. There was always someone available for tech support. Our pool patrons loved the fact that we could send a mass email with pool closings, upcoming events, etc. We will continue to use Computerease in the future. Thank you Computerease!!

We did a lot of research when looking for our club software and Computerease really stood out in terms of functionality and customer service.  The one-stop shopping aspect of their service was invaluable during startup. They not only provided an above average software product but technical support, bar code and tags and security suggestions.
Computerease software integrates easily to various POS and accounting systems.
However, they excel at customer support.  They listen and make changes, were possible, to the software to accommodate those things unique to our individual businesses.
I would be pleased to speak to anyone about this innovative company.
Victoria Livingstone, Owner, Inch By Inch Women's Fitness

Almost 7 years ago we purchased the software for our Fitness Club way on the other side of the country. We are a small club (under 1000 Members) and it has been one of the best business decisions we have made. It's a very user-friendly program and covers all the angles of our business and then some! We highly recommend this software to all business' big or small.

Wendy Laresser - Peachland Fitness Club and the Happy Cow Gluten-Free Cafe

I was first introduced to Computerease when we purchased part of a closing down business. The software hadn't been updated for years. After having a play, I decided it was time to talk to the team at Computerease and see what improvements had been made. At first I was a little skeptical as we are based in Australia (where there are many POS Fitness software packages available) and thought they won't be able to meet my expectations.
After a few emails back and forth, I was blown away not only by the service received but also by the upgrade in the system. It had and still has every function we need to run our business (small gym). I would have no hesitation in recommending Computerease to any small gym across the world. Even with time differences we have responses to our emails within 24hrs and any issues resolved almost immediately. There has even been situations where changes have been made based upon our needs.
Great Team, Great Product and Great Results for my business.
Daniel Fabien – Owner, Vo2 Express

We've used Computerease Software for over a year now, and prior to opening this small and private yoga studio we used Computerease in a large, multi-functional fitness facility for over 5 years. The software and customer service team have exceeded our expectations in both instances; the program is easy to use, user-friendly and has many useful features. From a customer service standpoint, the Computerease team has always been very helpful, prompt and patient with their responses to our questions. We wouldn't consider using another program or company for our studio's needs.
GLOyoga Bradford, Ontario

I've only been working with the software for a few months but Computerease is the most useful gym program on the market in my opinion. When I was charged with heading the IT portion of our gym I naturally did a lot of research on different gym management software out there. Nothing really compares to Computerease especially when it comes to customer service and tech support. Always quick, friendly and provides the answers to questions asked. The software itself is always evolving as well becoming more efficient and user friendly. Can't really ask for much more.

Ian Etheridge, IT Department, Atii Fitness, Iqaluit, Nu CA

Our facility has been using Computerease for approximately 8 years.
Through regular updates and prompt and attentive customer service, we have been able to successfully keep track of memberships, billing, and maintain communication with all our customers. We have been happy with the service and look forward to the future of Computerease technology.

Sarah Teaff, Med, Director of Wellness, The Health and Wellness Center at LMH, Sonora, TX

The Bridgewater Athletic Club has used Computerease software since we opened for business several years ago.
The program is user-friendly and their updates and improvements are continually designed to better streamline their clients' businesses.
It also never ceases to amaze me how their friendly customer support is immediately available with any issues quickly and professionally resolved.
Mike Van Natter, Manager, Bridgewater Athletic Club, Fort Erie, ON

I chose Computerease Ease-E-Club software because it was the first program I saw that would work for my business the way I wanted it to. I was thrilled when it paid for itself in the first month, covering membership revenue we had missed. It is easy to use, and easy to adapt to your needs.
And I love the little perks like keeping track of our members Birthdays and having messages for our members when they sign in. It really adds to the personal touch we love to provide. I also feel secure knowing help is a phone call or email away. When my computer crashed last year Computerease had me up and running again in less than a day. With no added charges.

Deanne May, Bodysculptors Fitness Ltd, Qualicum Beach BC Canada

Computerease was recommended to me when I purchased my gym equipment from Shapes for Women.  They have been excellent.  The software is very easy to work with and the customer service is fantastic.  Everyone is always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  I would recommend Comuterease to anyone that could use this service.

Jackie Ross, Sta-Fit for Women, LLC,Keene, N

Our purchase of Computerease has been one of the best business decisions we have made. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and the support is second to none! All aspects of managing our club are handled through the software, and the our reports are more accurate than ever. Financial records, inventory and member information are all handled seamlessly. Suggestions for improvements are acted upon quickly and efficiently - and customer service is superb! The staff at Computerease is wonderful to work with, and questions are answered in a very timely fashion. Thanks for a great product!

Nancy Noonan
Curves - Herkimer, NY

Computer Ease has saved me so much time, frustration and money!
I know my reports are correct! There's no guessing!
The tech support is kind, understanding, helpful, and always available.
In 6 years of owning four clubs, I spent over $10,000 paying another program's monthly use fees.
I highly recommend Computer Ease. Don't even question your decision! Just do it. I promise you won't be sorry!

Renita Yahara/owner
Shining Star Curves at Township Line and 86th, Indianapolis, IN

As a Curves owner, we use our "own" software normally. After using the trial computerease program I just had to buy it. The program was simple to use and the amazing thing is, every time I needed help with something, I got a LIVE person on the phone to answer all my questions. Even after hours, I could send an email or call and someone always got back with me. The follow up is great too. It is easy to recommend a product that has been so easy to use but add to that the fact that I've been saving a lot of money doing it and it becomes even easier to tell people about it. I tell all the Curves owners I meet, about Computease. These are tough times and I need to focus on the members, not waiting on hold for tech support and surely, not spending more money for a program that does the same thing.

Thank you Computerease for making one part of owning a business a little easier!

Kathy Kerchal
Ft. Collins, CO

We obtained Computerease more than a year ago and since the first approach the quality of service and knolwedge from their staff was outstanding. The system is reliable, simple and efficient and the technical support after purchasing the system has been number one. Thank you Computerease,


...are you kidding me????? I LOVE COMPUTEREASE! And, they know it because I tell them all the time. I am not a computer literate kind of person. I can move around the www, but, if there is a problem with my in house gym system, I call Computerease. There has never been a time that they couldn't or didn't solve my problem. Never. And, at this point, I am probably a pain in the neck! But, they treat me with respect and kindness every time I call.
Computerease is a fitting name for these folks. I wish them continued success.

Eileen Callahan Mercer
Mercer's Gym for Women,Voorhees NJ

As a new business owner, I have found the computerease program to be very simple and self explanatory using step by step logic. On the odd time that I have had a question or an issue, the support system in place as been superb. The staff are knowledgeable and willing to work with you until there is resolution. Even after hours, you can email your questions and have a quick response. I especially enjoy the upgrades that are done on request of the current subscribers. This indicates Computerease's commitment to provide the best program available to meet the needs of their customers.

Bobbi Hayes/ owner
Bulldog Interactive Fitness 259 Grange Rd.
Guelph, ON
N1E 6R5


I am very glad to give a testimonmial, as I am very happy with computerease. I chose computerease with my first gym in Wales as I fealt it was very user friendly and had all the features and functions I required for the daily running of my business, and lots lots more. I have always had a lot of support and help from the computerease guys, especially Mary and Derek who are always at hand with advice and help and even call me back immediately if I have emailed them a question. I have now opened in spain also and continue to use the computerease package, which I am including in my franchise package over here as it is so good. I am happy to speak to prospective purchasers.

Emma Probert,
Shapes ladies fitness studios South Wales

I chose Computerease's Ease-E-Club program after trying the free download. I found the program to be very efficient in its layout for my staff to use plus the learning curve was much quicker than on the program we were using. The accuracy of the program is excellent and with the downloads to Excel I can set up additional reports that I want to use. In the area of banking/credit card, I can choose which of the credit card/ACH systems I want to use and the program will work with that system. Last is the tech support. The response time is great and personnel are extremely knowledgeable. Ease-E-Club has made our jobs easier rather than complicate it.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Doug Studer
Curves, Huron, ON

We are a small club (100 members) in a rural area of North Hawaii. Our equipment manufacturer, Shapes for Women, recommended the Ease-E-Club software. We have been very pleased with the capabilities of the software and the support that we receive from Computerease. In addition to the automated billing and tracking features, we also heavily use the e-mail function to communicate with our members. I would be pleased to discuss our use of the software further with any prospective purchasers.

Sincerely, Alida Adamek
Kohala Fitness Station for Women, LLC
(808) 889-9898

It's great to have a streamlined, simplified means of running facility attendance statistics and tool to track workout notes and measurements!

Shane Sockrider
Coordinator, Health and Wellness
Verizon Wireless
5175 Emerald Parkway
Dublin, OH 430177

We looked at many fitness programs but always kept coming back to computerease. We took into consideration user friendliness, functionality, the fact that you ALWAYS spoke with a person and not a round robin of voice mails, we also wanted to purchase our program outright vs having to pay a monthly fee. After having our accountant look at the program to discern if it was capable of producing the reports that he would need, we were sold!

Karla Wise
Final Cut, Inc.
Little Canada, MN 55117

We use computerease because you have the best customer service that we have ever experienced from any of our suppliers of service or product that we have dealt with since we opened in 2001. We have dealt with almost 100 suppliers

Parksville Body Works, Nanaimo, BC

I use computerease software in my ladies only fitness club after being recommended by another supplier. I found them to extremely helpful, very attentive and always quick to solve any issues I had with operating the site. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with- the call back facility is extremely benficial-I would highly recommend them on.

Julie Baldwin
Style and Tone

I was looking for a membership program that was user friendly and still allowed me to generate reports to manage my fitness center. I found that with the Computerease software program. New employees are able to learn the system in one training session and the tech support has been very helpful. This program can fit the needs of both small and large memberships.

Scott Delahoussaye, MPT
Rehab Access Physical Therapy
& Fitness Center
Belle Chasse, LA

Our Computerease software has never let us down. It is easy for all of our staff to use and the automatic updates have helped us become more efficient. The cost of the system is also very reasonable, being a small gym, we wanted something economical and easy. We found it with Computerease.

Chris Thompson, Manager
Norwich Family Fitness
Norwich, Ontario